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What are skin tags?

Skin tags are extra growths of soft skin that may have a stalk. They are considered as benign tumors. They are a common occurrence in adults affecting both males and females equally.

Where do they appear?

They occur most commonly over areas of friction like the skin folds. They are skin colored or slightly brown in color, with a smooth or irregular surface. They could be seen on the face, behind the neck, over the armpits, and groins. They are usually asymptomatic growths but can present with itching and pain, especially if present over a body fold like the armpits or groins. The skin tags can get caught on clothing, jewelry like necklaces, or while shaving causing pain and bleeding. Huge skin tags may undergo erosion and ulceration of the surface skin.

Why do they appear?

They are non-cancerous tumours on the skin without any underlying cause. Sometimes, they can be a skin marker of obesity, metabolic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

Why to treat skin tags?

As skin tags are harmless, they could be left untreated, but could be removed for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons. However, in the case of skin tags over body folds or the face, removal of them makes shaving more comfortable. They could also be removed when they get caught on clothing due to increasing size.

How to treat skin tags?

Skin tags should be treated by a dermatologist or by a trained medical professional.
They could be safely removed using various techniques in case they are growing in size, causing symptoms of itching, pain or bleeding, or for cosmetic reasons.
The following procedures could be done to remove skin tags:
1. Cauterization: the skin tag is burned off by using radio frequency or hyfrecation.
2. Excision: larger skin tags might need excision and suturing.
3. Cryotherapy: the skin tag is frozen off and later it sheds off automatically.


Importance of Professional Consultation for Skin Tag Removal

When dealing with skin tags, seeking the expertise of a dermatologist or a trained medical professional is paramount for several reasons:

1. Accurate Diagnosis: A trained professional can accurately diagnose whether a skin growth is indeed a skin tag or if further investigation is needed to rule out any potential concerns. Misidentification may lead to inappropriate treatment.

2. Customized Treatment Plans: Dermatologists can assess each case individually, tailoring the treatment plan based on the size, location, and number of skin tags. This ensures that the chosen method is not only effective but also minimizes the risk of scarring or other complications.

3. Safe Removal Techniques: Professional dermatologists are skilled in using various removal techniques, such as cauterization, excision, or cryotherapy. Their expertise ensures the safe execution of these procedures, reducing the risk of infection, bleeding, or other adverse effects.

4. Prevention of Complications: Skin tags in sensitive areas, like body folds or the face, require careful handling to prevent complications. Dermatologists have the knowledge and experience to address potential challenges and ensure a smooth removal process.

5. Post-Procedure Guidance: After removal, professionals guide proper wound care, reducing the likelihood of infection or scarring. They can also offer advice on preventive measures to minimize the chances of new skin tags developing.

6. Monitoring for Underlying Conditions: Dermatologists can assess whether skin tags may be indicative of underlying health conditions such as metabolic diseases. Identifying and addressing these issues early can contribute to overall health management.

7. Cosmetic Considerations: For individuals seeking skin tag removal for cosmetic reasons, dermatologists can provide insight into the aesthetic aspects of the procedure, ensuring that the outcome aligns with the patient’s expectations.

In essence, consulting a dermatologist or trained medical professional guarantees not only the effective removal of skin tags but also the overall safety and well-being of the individual. Their expertise ensures that the procedure is conducted with precision, minimizing risks and maximizing the likelihood of a positive outcome.



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