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Eyebrows that are well-formed and full-shaped are uncommon. This can be accomplished, however, by eyebrow reconstruction, also known as eyebrow transplant, which is a cosmetic surgery that aims to promote ideal hair growth along the eyebrow line. The eyebrow restoration is carried out following a thorough examination of the eyebrow’s facial symmetry. To get the ideal eyebrow look, the operation necessitates talent, experience, and technique.

What is the procedure for eyebrow reconstruction?

This method mimics a general hair scalp repair. Hair grafts for the brows are usually taken from hairs above the ears or back of your head. Not only individual hairs but also hair follicles are transferred throughout this procedure. This promotes the growth of new hair in the eyebrow area. The surgeon administers a general anesthetic and makes minor incisions in the follicle donor region as well as the fixating location, which is the brow region. Eyebrow rebuilding must be done with extreme caution. As a result, the total procedure takes two to three hours.

Who shouldn’t undergo eyebrow reconstruction?

People with certain disorders shouldn’t go for this procedure such as:

Is there a way of enhancing my eyebrows non surgically?

Monaris Hair Clinic provides high-quality artificial eyebrows. We have specially made artificial eyebrows that seem 100 percent natural and are undetectable in medical cases where eyebrows are also lost along with scalp hair. These are attached with a bond or adhesive and are simple to handle.

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